Help us raise funds for The Kettle Society

The Kettle Society

Foodie Fit has teamed up with The Kettle Society to help raise funds for those less fortunate and struggling to meet their daily needs. Help us by adding a small (or large) contribution to your next order and we will match all donations up to $2000 between now and Dec 31 2020.

You now have the option to add a small donation to your order at checkout. Please note that if you sign up for a weekly subscription and you add a donation, the donation will be added every time your subscription renews.

To learn more about The Kettle Society please go to their website

The upcoming holiday season is an especially difficult time of the year for homeless people in our community. Rather than enjoying the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season, many homeless people spend it fighting the cold, often isolated from their friends and family. That’s why The Kettle Society is raising money so they can provide shelter, clothing, sleeping bags, hot food, mental health support, and much more to those in need over the winter months.’