As I work long hours and just a very busy person in general, I don’t seem to have enough hours in a day juggling work, family and the gym. I used to spend Sundays meal prepping for the week and realized I didn’t have one day just to relax. Foodie Fit gave me that day.

I’ve been a customer since day 1 and have relied on them to keep me eating healthy and on track.  When I used to meal prep, my week consisted of the same meals for lunches and different version for dinners but now I get to have variety so it doesn’t get boring. I work with a coach for my fitness and nutrition and it’s always important for me to meet my macro targets. Foodie Fit has been able to help me with that. Not only do they have delicious set meals but you can also customize meals to your diet which has helped so much especially during deficit phases.

The meals are so flavourful and tasty and you get a better deal ordering from Foodie Fit than ordering from a restaurant.  The owner, Robert, has been so great and responsive to any “special requests” I may have and ensures that the customer is always satisfied with the meals.

Thank you Foodie Fit for keeping me on track with my meals and now I always look forward to my next meal