Foodie Fit is the perfect addition to my busy schedule as a veterinary emergency specialist. The meals are delivered to my front door, fully prepared, every week! They are fresh, clean, whole foods that taste like a personal chef has made them just for me. For skeptics like myself, the foods are indeed whole, real […]

Tiffany – Vancouver

I recommend Foodie Fit for anyone who wishes to maintain a healthy diet regime. Diet is a major component of maintaining athletic and aesthetic discipline and a food prep service such as this is essential for those who have a busy schedule. This service saves a lot of time regarding food prep and clean up. […]

Shawn Beaton- Martial Artist, Athlete and Stunt Performer

My husband and I have been ordering from Foodie Fit for a couple years now. We really enjoy the variety of meals and have many favorites on the menu (Highly recommend trying the Curry).  I follow a macro based diet and they make it easy for me to track the ingredients and breakdown of foods […]

Andrea – North Vancouver

The food is super good, better than my own cooking. The price is worth it when you don’t have to spend your weekends meal prepping and cleaning up. I love the home delivery, it’s made my routine so much easier.

Jenna – North Vancouver

As I work long hours and just a very busy person in general, I don’t seem to have enough hours in a day juggling work, family and the gym. I used to spend Sundays meal prepping for the week and realized I didn’t have one day just to relax. Foodie Fit gave me that day. […]

Marj – Richmond