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Google Rating
Based on 141 reviews
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Based on 32 reviews

Ready Made Fresh Meal Delivery in Vancouver

joey wheelerjoey wheeler1683846269 ★★★★★ Great portion and the taste is delicious and healthy. May I make a recommendation. You can do a keto diet base like cauliflower rice and alot fat.and alternative sugars? Keto is diet that helps people with health problems and cannot eat carbs or sugar Just food for thought.Sheldon ShalerSheldon Shaler1682090368 ★★★★★ Amazing service, food is great very happy!Elizabeth KrugerElizabeth Kruger1680470104 ★★★★★ My son absolutely loves and appreciates the convenience of these meals and the numerous choices available.Cameron MosleyCameron Mosley1679865037 ★★★★★ 5/5 the food and service has exceeded my expectations. You guys have a good team at Foodie Fit and I thank you.Olive AlexanderOlive Alexander1677113675 ★★★★★ Best meal service I’ve used in the Vancouver area (and I’ve tried 4-5 different companies). Good is yummy, great variety, healthy, and reasonably priced. Trays are biodegradable, never leak, and shipments are trackable and are delivered on time. I just keep ordering these, they’re so convenient and I actually look forward to eating them.Joy Sutherland.Joy Sutherland.1674199858 ★★★★★ I absolutely love the convenience and the food is quite delicious but most of all the customer service is impeccable 👌Juliana FridmanJuliana Fridman1669532557 ★★★★★ Very impressed with Foodie Fit! Great options to select from, impeccable communication system from the moment of purchase to delivery - and food arrived fast (tracking the delivery was a super cool feature). I was also surprised how good the food tasted. And last but not least, the packaging is the most sustainable option I've seen in this market so far (as I am testing a few companies to decide which one suits me best) - the container is compostable, how cool is that?! And I just read more about their sustainable practices and love them now even more. About to do my second order now! Happy customer here.Kelly SzalaiKelly Szalai1669427969 ★★★★★ Foodie Fit is awesome. Robert and his team are incredibly efficient and helpful. They respond to my emails within an hour or two for any questions I may have. The food is delicious and the portions are very large. They have a great variety of foods to choose from and delivery to your house is free. I highly recommend because of the food but more so because they have absolutely incredible customer service.Beeb SBeeb S1669253293 ★★★★★ This is now my third food subscription and so far it is the best. The cost is justified given the quality of food, the precise delivery schedule and the driendly delivery person. SUBSCRIBE!Christine “Hello”Christine “Hello”1667336828 ★★★★★ Excellent and delicious food!New customer. Ordered one week of meals.Sloppy Joe wrap, turkey dinner, muffins, breakfast and much more are yummy!It may cost a tad more than most but the food is so fresh, clean and healthy.Their delivery service is on point too. Day of delivery you can track the driver and be notified instantly of delivery. Super impressed so far!Nick BennettNick Bennett1666033530 ★★★★★ Great meals and awesome customer service!Jay SteveJay Steve1664813145 ★★★★★ Sandra SirutisSandra Sirutis1663878491 ★★★★★ Excellent service! Great food! Healthy, reliable and delicious! Sooo easy! As a single person It helped me because I was able to eat things that I would never cook on my own and now that I’m married I still get them and have them for my lunches 🙂meral kurultaymeral kurultay1662554780 ★★★★★ Gyeongmin LeeGyeongmin Lee1662147618 ★★★★★ Lavadi kLavadi k1661549335 ★★★★★ Love it , have been order from them almost a year, very convenient and good customer service.highly recommended.Wallace ParoWallace Paro1661542331 ★★★★★ Jennifer MooreJennifer Moore1660517805 ★★★★★ Love the food, but more importantly love the people who run FoodieFit! No matter what, they continue to come through week after week❤.D TD T1657247366 ★★★★★ Enjoyed foodiefit meals for over a month while working locally. 12-13 hour shifts per day , it made my life so much easier not having to meal prep lunches and cook supper. They would deliver right to my door weekly. Really gave me more time to enjoy my evenings after work and get a satisfactory workout in and they make macro counting so much easier because it is already done for you. The meals were delicious, didn't have anything I didn't enjoy.. my 2 favorites are the salmon poke and the breakfast burrito.Jean Pièrre YemaJean Pièrre Yema1657160568 ★★★★★ Having tried different trading platforms, my last experience with Mr. Ethan Payne is the best ever, I traded with $500 and within a week I made a profit of $6500 and to my greatest surprise, I earned a very good profit and made my withdrawal successfully and directly to my bank account. So I recommend Mr. Ethan Payne's platform for effective trade to everyone.
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A MA M1656898200 ★★★★★ Leo LiuLeo Liu1656831493 ★★★★★ Jessie WrightJessie Wright1654455185 ★★★★★ The food is tasty and makes it easy to eat higher protein.A lot of 'healthy' meal service options are around 300 calories. That is not enough to support an active lifestyle (or even most sedentary ones). I love that most dishes have two portion options with more reasonable caloric totals and a focus on a good balance of macros.Check it out. You won't be sad.Karey DuranteKarey Durante1652396360 ★★★★★ Loving the food and the CS is amazing. I messed up on my subscription and Robert drove it out to my house that night! Above and beyond the call of duty but soooo appreciated!! Thank you!!Ryan VenturaRyan Ventura1651597260 ★★★★★ Delicious and nutritious food! Great value! If you're like me someone who leads an active lifestyle but unfortunately doesn't have enough time to prep meals for the week, I can't recommend Foodie Fit enough.Amy ToigoAmy Toigo1651530802 ★★★★★ Best meal prep company I’ve ever tried!! Every single meal has been absolutely delicious!! The salmon rice bowl was exquisite !!! Reminded me of Kobe Steakhouse flavours😍❤️ You guys are the best!!Yvonne LapierreYvonne Lapierre1650933539 ★★★★★ After breaking my right shoulder and badly bruising the whole arm from a fall, my son found this company and I am so very happy he did, I absolutely love everything. The food quality, portions, variety, service and fair pricing have been a lifesaver for me and peace of mind for my son who lives out of country. I will definitely continue buying from them even once I recover for all of the reasons I mentioned and the bottom line I love the food.Patrick AudleyPatrick Audley1650522601 ★★★★★ Incredible service. We've tried Goodfood, Chef's Plate and most of the other meal kit delivery services but what we REALLY wanted in the end was easy to prep, great quality meals. Foodie Fit delivers! (pun intended 😉 The packaging is super minimal and the meals are tasty, healthy and have very high quality ingredients.J WJ W1650387555 ★★★★★ Great food, great price, and it helps with those who need meal plans, weight loss or just too busy to do your own cooking. So many times these meals have saved me from over spending. Can not get enough of this service.Rachelle HoffmannRachelle Hoffmann1650301765 ★★★★★ Rob WallisRob Wallis1649783585 ★★★★★ Healthy and tasty food, great service and very punctual. Highly recommendEverton VieiraEverton Vieira1649781904 ★★★★★ Very good options. Delivery is very convenient. Foodie Fit helped me a lot to reduce my calorie intake by eating healthier food. Recommended!Kathleen SmithKathleen Smith1649780372 ★★★★★ Delicious food, and really good customer serviceS MS M1649780153 ★★★★★ Great Food & Great portions! Love the vacuum seal. Was able to order a weeks worth and not worry about the food going bad. Delivery was perfect! They keep you informed of when they will drop off or/and has been delivered.Benita ChanBenita Chan1649497253 ★★★★★ Greatest Ready-Meals in Vancouver. Love their Cool Kale Salad & Butternut Squash Spinach Salad. A little tiny complaint I have is their need to expand their varieties(You can't please 'em all), but aside from that. All is well, good delivery, healthy food, good price - definition of a good stuff. Thank you Foodie Fit!David LeeDavid Lee1649287345 ★★★★★ Healthy food. Easy to heat upKeith PerezKeith Perez1649281315 ★★★★★ Good service, yummy food, flexible meals. Love it!Nara DoelingNara Doeling1649216530 ★★★★★ Wonderful food! Love that it’s not frozen 🙂 I’m disabled, and my husband works hard construction. Having pre-made meals ready for us is so helpful. We’ve tried other places, so far more impressed with FoodieFit.asya fultonasya fulton1649191101 ★★★★★ Great food that is packaged so nicely. Never had any issues with any meal and the delivery system they have is awesome!David NavarroDavid Navarro1649184757 ★★★★★ Great food, super convenient.Sandra RoutledgeSandra Routledge1648650714 ★★★★★ I have used other food services which resulted in frustrations over delivery service. Foodie Fit has proved to be super reliable in delivery. They arrive promptly & consistently with every order. Thank you Foodie Fit!Janet KimuraJanet Kimura1648088448 ★★★★★ Delicious meals! Simple and so easy. Ingredients are fresh, healthy and portion sizes were excellent. Our kids fought over them and could not get enough, asking for more! King Pao Chicken was a fave. Highly recommend!Danny KDanny K1648061401 ★★★★★ Keith PerezKeith Perez1647538220 ★★★★★ Amazing service!, I had been using it for about a month and the service, and moreover, the meals were awesome, The meals are macro-friendly, healthy, clean and delicious. Even for my boyfriend who loves KFC meals haha!. So, now I'm coming back to them 'cause makes my life happier and stressfree ;D.Bushra ChaudhryBushra Chaudhry1647488765 ★★★★★ I absolutely love you guys. I've been with you for about 3 months now.

The service is great, food is delicious and everything is consistent.

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Rocio PhillipsRocio Phillips1646864451 ★★★★★ The food has been satisfying, tasty, and convenient! Transitioning between working from home and working in the office/entertaining clients, having healthy meals/stacks on hand has been more challenging, as well as finding the time to make food.I've ordered a few meals from Foodie Fit and they've been a great solution to balance the healthy foods with flavour, in convenient packaging. Given that I do have to entertain clients and healthy food choices aren't necessarily available, this has been a great balance. I highly recommend Foodie Fit's service and the cost is very similar to grabbing lunch somewhere downtown -- but you know you're paying for nutrients and not filler!The website is a bit confusing on the subscription but the team managing the chat was very helpful. All in all, great customer service!Ashlee KastelenAshlee Kastelen1644419467 ★★★★★ I thought that these meals were awesome! The time we used foodie fit really helped us through a busy, crazy time. The packaging it great, the delivery was on time, and the food choices were delicious. Such a helpful meal service.Jazmín PerezJazmín Perez1643825401 ★★★★★ Best place in my opinion compared to food delivery places. Healthy, fresh and delicious ready made prepared food selection! I signed up for their weekly subscription. Excellent and friendly customer service.Nina AnsteyNina Anstey1643680303 ★★★★★ Great food and great customer serviceNicole BenesNicole Benes1643504161 ★★★★★ I've been very busy working full time and also running a business. There are some domestic duties I love doing, laundry and cleaning for example so I didn't want to outsource any cleaning however I do not love cooking. I also prioritize staying healthy so getting meals was an obvious choice. I chose FoodieFit becuase one of my friends has promoted them for years and I am loving the meals! Saves me so much time and I also have healthy options always available in my fridge 🙂Soubhik ChakrabartiSoubhik Chakrabarti1643196106 ★★★★★ Wonderful. Got recently diagnosed with diabetes and these meals helped me control my sugar levels naturally.Anita LAnita L1642358447 ★★★★★ Of all the meal prep delivery companies I’ve tried in Vancouver, FOODIEFIT has beat their competitors in terms of flavour, texture, delivery, and customer service.FOODIEFIT is a great option for my 70hr work weeks reducing stress/anxiety when it comes to meal preparation and macro-management.With clearly labelled macros on each package and ability to customize it makes it easy for anyone who is busy to have a healthy balanced meal.If you’re an active UBEREATS user, you’ll know that the delivery fees and tipping add up quick and on a meal you can’t tell the nutritional value on.They also have a growing vegetarian/kept menu which I’m really happy to see.FOODIEFIT is price very competitively and for the portion you are getting one hell of deal. I would recommend them over any other meal prep company here in Vancouver.Jessica MJessica M1640330336 ★★★★★ Chris BurwashChris Burwash1637433552 ★★★★★ Very good meals, healthy and convenient. Great customer service!Judith EvansJudith Evans1634680493 ★★★★★ Great food - the meat is tender and delicious, and so are the recipes.Nathan TsuiNathan Tsui1634350788 ★★★★★ I work in the fitness industry and I always see Shawn (TheBarVancouver) eating foodiefit meal preps, and I wasn't sure if I should give it a try.Until one day I was hungry and decided to sneak a box into the microwave. Hoooooolyyyy I wasn't expecting a meal prep to be this delicious. Usually other prep companies aren't that great since the food is either bland or dry.I had the pesto chicken and after eating it, I couldn't wait to eat another one, so I made some more food and ate more.LizLiz1632863051 ★★★★★ Manoela WagnerManoela Wagner1632371007 ★★★★★ Good, tasty, fresh food. Fast service and communication too. Recommended. 🙂Fanni AdamsFanni Adams1631946212 ★★★★★ One of the best things I’ve done all year. Super convenient, easy to order, and delicious. If you’re someone who pays attention to calories and macros, they add all the meals info on the package. All the minimal packaging is recyclable, they’re deliveries are made in electric vehicles, and they source their proteins from farms that pasture raise. Couldn’t be happier with the product or service. Easy 5 stars.Mona ChanMona Chan1631943345 ★★★★★ sumeet sharmasumeet sharma1631688663 ★★★★★ Great food and great service.Heather RhodesHeather Rhodes1630995755 ★★★★★ Katrina ReinertsonKatrina Reinertson1630640383 ★★★★★ Love the house made sauces used! New menu items always look and taste amazing ❤ Delicious choicesCat Santos MacKayCat Santos MacKay1630523508 ★★★★★ The owners are not only friendly and professional but they treat you like family! You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of their food and service. A must try!Ryan BladesRyan Blades1630382430 ★★★★★ After trying several, this is exactly what we were looking for in a food prep service: No cooking involved (other than heating); healthy options with calories and macros clearly identified (no guess work); consistent quality; and a variety of options. If you are busy with work, kids etc. and trying to eat healthy for weight loss or other fitness goals, try Foodie Fit.Gary MooreGary Moore1630336387 ★★★★★ R CalR Cal1630333641 ★★★★★ Someone at the gym encouraged me to try this food delivery service and I am very happy with the quality and consistency of the prepared meals (the salmon with soy ginger is awesome) and the delivery is always right on time!! I highly recommend.Melanie HagnMelanie Hagn1630319022 ★★★★★ Great meals that make a healthy active lifestyle a lot easier! They only use the best ingredients and it shows! 5 Stars!arlette van peltarlette van pelt1630303211 ★★★★★ Parker BennettParker Bennett1630294015 ★★★★★ Always got great, fresh and delicious food from foodie fit when I ordered for my school lunches.Lots of different meals to choose from and many different flavours to try.Allyson HelgasonAllyson Helgason1630292333 ★★★★★ Delicious & healthy meals. 👍😍lori barneslori barnes1630291662 ★★★★★ Great food lots of variety to choose from so easy to order and it’s delivered right to your door.Farshad AminpourFarshad Aminpour1630287738 ★★★★★ Luis LavieriLuis Lavieri1630287164 ★★★★★ The pandemic really brought clarity as to who the real players were in the ready meal/meal prep world. With businesses closing left and right, Foodie Fit seems to have expanded… and for good reason. Great food, amazing customer service and obvious care. The fact they text ahead of time to give a heads up and when the food is delivered is very appreciated. You gotta try their flat bread bbq ‘pizza’. Great overall. If I could give them 6 stars I would.Bronwynne SoveBronwynne Sove1630279642 ★★★★★ Meals are delicious and having the nutritional information is so helpful! Being vegetarian it can be hard to find good meal services but foodie Fit has been fantastic, they were very responsive to my feedback to have meat free options and are super accommodating! Makes meal planning beyond easy! I'm impressed with the company and how willing they were to consider more options. You've got to try their food and see just how easy it is! I've tried meal prep companies but hated all the plastic waste and at least everything is recyclable with foodie Fit's vacuum sealed packaging. Thank you for being awesome!Erin Danes (ninjacheeztoast)Erin Danes (ninjacheeztoast)1630261219 ★★★★★ The sealed containers keep the food fresh for the whole week, so it's super convenient for work lunches! When left to my own devices, I'll grab pizza every day, so this is a much healthier option for staying within my macros! Home delivery is fast and friendly. The recipe meals are tasty and the create your own are too if you add a sauce or use your own sauces and seasonings if the options given don't fit your diet somehow. My only wish is that there was an option to omit mushroom as a lot of the recipe meals have them. Or add a mx of veg in the custom meals. Otherwise very good. My fave so far has been the brisket! Customer Service is also top notch 🙂Trevor SheehanTrevor Sheehan1630012882 ★★★★★ BM BladeBM Blade1629936346 ★★★★★ Richard NahaneeRichard Nahanee1629921956 ★★★★★ Katherine MiddletonKatherine Middleton1629131045 ★★★★★ My husband and i have been using foodie fit since the beginning of 2021 and the quality of the food, and home delivery is awesome! What a great company and I love how they have the macro information listed so it’s super easy to track. This has seriously been a life and time saver! Very happy with this company.My only suggestion or complaint is that I wish they would use brown rice for all the meals or offer an option for brown or white rice.****updated - wow! This company is amazing! Suggestion was noted and taken into account for option to pick white or brown rice! Seriously give them a try!Rebecca HubbertRebecca Hubbert1628699384 ★★★★★ First week trying Foodie Fit. 3 meals in and I’ve already placed my order for next week. The food is really good and the customer service is fast and very helpful.Kelsey MahKelsey Mah1627857883 ★★★★★ Delivery was smooth! Portions are good! Haven't tried my entire order but the first two snacks/dishes were good.Need a crab cake and taco dish hahahaDl MXDl MX1627222572 ★★★★★ The best option if you want to travel and eat healthier for a good price 👌🏻☺️Andrew F StewartAndrew F Stewart1626632790 ★★★★★ The food is delicious and nutritious, perfectly portioned and delivered with care. One of the more affordable meal subscription services I’ve used.Samantha TaguchiSamantha Taguchi1626190301 ★★★★★ I want to say thank you for Robert, who taught me how to order my food. I’m so glad for finding this company. I was looking for prepared healthy food with a reasonable price and it took me a while to find. The food are yummy, fresh, and more than enough for one person. Loved the salmon and shepherds pie. 🙏sarita jaswalsarita jaswal1620956204 ★★★★★ Great customer service! Food is yummy and losing weight!Tiffany WickhamTiffany Wickham1620870448 ★★★★★ Great options, variety and quality. Helpful for keeping us on track and taking the stress out of meal prepping.Adam LawrenceAdam Lawrence1620848586 ★★★★★ Carly SimardCarly Simard1620847784 ★★★★★ We have used FoodieFit for meal delivery every week since moving to BC in October of 2020. We are incredibly grateful to Robert, Luis and the entire FoodieFit team for delivering high quality, healthy, DELICIOUS meals to our door every week. As two full-time working parents, having healthy meals (that we REALLY enjoy) delivered to our home has helped us maintain our health throughout this trying year. We cannot recommend this company and their delicious food highly enough! Try them, you will NOT be disappointed.Jill Anne CoishJill Anne Coish1618945452 ★★★★★ The meals are great! Makes healthy eating so much simpler.Beardo SwagginsBeardo Swaggins1618619969 ★★★★★ The selection is great, food is super tasty, especially with one of their sauces. Arrives cold, on time, everytime. At an affordable and convenient price.These guys are awesome and even text you to see if the food is up to your standards.Thanks for making my day to day super easy!Recommended all day long.AJ ChangAJ Chang1613195392 ★★★★★ Conor MConor M1612937197 ★★★★★ Rox-Ann LambertRox-Ann Lambert1612851288 ★★★★★ I tried foodiefit for the first time in January. I’m very happy with the portion sizes and the variety of options so far. Well worth the convenience!!Nicholas HumphriesNicholas Humphries1612819494 ★★★★★ Great food. Nice tight delivery window. My favorite meal prep service.Ken TsiaKen Tsia1612819159 ★★★★★ I love getting meals from this place. They change the menu every now and then so there are always new things to try. The food staples are always prepared on point and super tasty. Having someone pre-measure serving sizes takes a load off from planning myself as well.They have a bi-weekly delivery straight to your door to allow for options on when would be best for your schedule. On top of that, the people are always so pleasant to see so that's a nice bonus.Highly recommended and have been meal planning with Foodie Fit for years!Preet BaidwanPreet Baidwan1610321654 ★★★★★ This is a great meal prep service for anyone looking to spare up some time away from the kitchen.Meals are prepped, fresh and very "macro friendly" with the highest protein per grams i've seen compared to many meal prep services.I usually add a bit of hot sauce to some of my meals (I prefer a bit of a spicy kick) and they are perfect.Delivery is on time and they always let me know when they are close to arriving.I definitely recommend Foodie Fit.Coco SnowdenCoco Snowden1608745387 ★★★★★ I’m loving my meals from Foodie Fit. Every meal that I’ve had has been delicious. I love their meal options and flexibility. Delicious when reheated 😊 Delivery has always gone well. I’ve tried A LOT of meal companies/service over the past 4 years, and Foodie Fit has by far been my favourite!!Sean HerbertSean Herbert1597598284 ★★★★★ Been using these guys for a few weeks now. They are super great, you can customize most of your meals, they have a decent variety and they taste great.
Also there customer service is second to non, I highly recommend giving foodie for a try!!
Robert HuynhRobert Huynh1596051863 ★★★★★ I was pretty excited to get my first order today. Convenient, tastes great so far, and awesome variety of options - looking forward to trying other meals!Shelby DouglasShelby Douglas1595532407 ★★★★★ I have used several different meal services over the years and Foodie Fit is by far my favourite. There are a large variety of meals and macros are listed to aid with keeping your health and fitness goals on point. There are also meal options you can built to your liking, which is especially great for those who have specific nutrient requirements or aren't wanting sauces, seasonings etc. I honestly love these meals and look forward to my order every week.Jeff EmslandJeff Emsland1593097626 ★★★★★ Great food, lots of choices and great service.
Thank you 🙏
Barbara SantenBarbara Santen1591922035 ★★★★★ I highly recommend Foodie Fit. They meals are so delicious and super healthy. GREAT service. A small family company I love to support. Great value.Kitty LeChatKitty LeChat1568859924 ★★★★★ My first meal and I’m in love! The muscle salad is delicious. The portion sizes are perfect. I will be subscribing 😁Emma Harper-CimoliniEmma Harper-Cimolini1537991788 ★★★★★ I wanted to find a meal prep service that provided low calorie, high protein meals to help me achieve my workout goals. Muscle Meals is DELICIOUS! They make managing my diet easy and yummy.Lucy WilliamsLucy Williams1534661233 ★★★★★ For those of us trying to eliminate single use plastic, I am hoping you will start to offer aluminum containers! 💪Mark Joseph DyMark Joseph Dy1531957705 ★★★★★ Excellent customer service, Tara is great, keep it upKevin DruryKevin Drury1509420061 ★★★★★ As an elite athlete racing for Canada Ski Cross, Vancouver Muscle Meals has been an essential part of fueling my dry land and on snow training. Throughout the summer I have gotten Muscle Meals each week and have been 100% satisfied with the service, food and excellent response time from the owners and staff. I would recommend Muscle Meals to anyone. You will not be disappointed!Austin EvansAustin Evans1509394674 ★★★★★ I reached out to VMM for some prepped meals for my crossfit competition. They were extremely helpful and organized. What a great company that has amazing, tasty, prepped meals. It was easy for me after a workout to dive into the fridge and have an already made meal. Knowing it was super healthy, clean, and fit into my macros!!Clo Gee-GeeClo Gee-Gee1509336068 ★★★★★ I have been using VMM for a few months as a way to ensure that I have access to a quick, healthy, balanced meal at the end of my hectic work day. For me, the convenience of the service means I get to spend my Sunday afternoon riding my bike or hiking instead of meal prepping. The menu is pretty varied, and most of the dishes freeze well. 10/10 would recommend!Mikalis MousouliotisMikalis Mousouliotis1509332589 ★★★★★ Used VMM for the majority of my meals as I prepped for my last bodybuilding show and I use them currently during my offseason. They're always coming out with new options to keep things from getting boring and have a great deal of variety including some tasty treats! Food is always fresh and delicious and arrives on time 🙂 definitely recommend.Jo AnnJo Ann1495823101 ★★★★★ I been trying different meals and what sealed the deal was the meatlovers sweet potato pizza! Who knew it could be that good! Every meal I had so far has been delicious! My macros are on point and I don't need to do the thinking. To be honest Vancouver Muscle Meals has been a life saver for me and has gotten me back on track with eating healthier. So when your diet is good, you do good. I have saved so much time and money doing this, I'm super happy with everything. 👍Dillan SimardDillan Simard1488849461 ★★★★★ Second week in still loving it. Great choice great ingredients great price. You cannot deny the overall value you get with this product. If time is money you end up saving no doubt with these meals. No prep no cook time no dishes. Thank you Vancouver muscle meals making life a whole lot easier.Jenn MooreJenn Moore1486940089 ★★★★★ Bianca LiberatoreBianca Liberatore1480973408 ★★★★★ Shawn AdairShawn Adair1464204362 ★★★★★ Vancouver muscle meals is by far the best meal prep/delivery service in the greater Vancouver area. The owners are both very passionate about helping others and always go that extra mile to make sure you are on the right track for your nutritional goals!
They are also consistently adding delicious items to the menu to give people more options when ordering food, every meal comes with a full macronutrient breakdown so that means they do all the hard work for you as far as counting calories/protein/carbs/fats and fiber! That alone is a service by itself and its all included to insure you know what your taking in on a daily/weekly basis to reach any goal ether to cut fat/maintain or bulk.
The food itself taste amazing, it's like your ordering from a restaurant, the quality of the food is putting a new name on meal prep because when people here the term "meal prep" it's associated with bland food but that's not the case with VCMM! Just give them a try even for a week and you'll see for yourself how much time it saves you and how much easier it is to track what your taking in to reach your goals!
Marcello AlfonsiMarcello Alfonsi1463377697 ★★★★★ Haley WickhamHaley Wickham1457747076 ★★★★★ Ken TsiaKen Tsia1454053641 ★★★★★ AWESOME! Fast response to questions, great food! Saves so much time not having to figure out what healthy options to eat during lunch and won't settle for something quick when there's no time for lunch. Thanks guys!!!Rachel KillamRachel Killam1447645876 ★★★★★ Vancouver Muscle Meals rock! Food is fresh, love all the meat seasonings send their veggie medly. They also have an amazing yam creation.. So good.Michael UyMichael Uy1442453078 ★★★★★ I'm so happy with this service! I work long hours on the road and I was a chronic fast food eater. I've been ordering from Vancouver Muscle meals for a while now and so far I've lost 8 pounds and saved a lot of time in grocery shopping, cooking and packing food. Every busy professional should be using these guys!Rosaria MalsegnaRosaria Malsegna1435373359 ★★★★★

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Vancouver’s Premium Fresh Meal Delivery Service

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If you are looking for Healthy Fresh Meal Delivery, straight to your home and ready to eat, look no further! Foodie Fit makes and delivers fresh ready-to-eat meals now 6 days a week!. All meals are made from scratch using whole ingredients without preservatives or added sugar. We use salt sparingly and most of our menu is gluten-free. Now our meals come in vacuum-sealed packaging and stay fresh in your fridge for 8 days, guaranteed!

Foodie Fit was known as Vancouver Muscle Meals originally but the name was restrictive and we wanted to convey that our service is meant for healthy eating of any kind, whether to achieve muscle gains, weight loss, endurance gains or restrictive diets.

The hardest part of living a healthy and active lifestyle is diet. Let us take the planning out of your hands so you can focus on achieving your goals.

Our healthy, ready-to-eat meals, are delivered to your home, office or one of our many drop-off locations and keep in the fridge for at least 8 days fresh. You only have to heat them up and they are ready to eat. And all this starting from $69 per order!

If you have very strict dietary requirements, our ‘build-your-own‘ menu options are perfect. You can select exactly the ingredients that you want for your meals. Don’t want carbs? No problem! Add some extra flavour? You got it!

Foodie Fit prepares and delivers fresh, macro-friendly and healthy meals in Vancouver to help you achieve your weight loss, fitness, performance, muscle-gaining, bodybuilding and competition goals. Our meals fit every meal plan, and our goal is to ensure that you get the results that you want. Our motivation is to provide you with an easy way to achieve your health and fitness goals by providing you with the healthy meals you need. With our unique ‘build your own’ option you can select exactly the ingredients you want to get the perfect balance of macro-nutrients for your specific requirements.

Whether you’re busy with work, family, study, or active social life, it’s clear that our lives have become busier than ever. Often we lose track of our diets and start eating poorly or skip meals. We’re here to make your life easier and do all your meal prep so that you always have a healthy food option available at any time. Foodie Fit is the Vancouver meal delivery service that you can count on for freshly-prepared, healthy ready-to-eat meals delivered to your door.

Ready Made Fresh Meal Delivery in Vancouver

When you choose Foodie Fit, we do all the hard work for you and shop, chop, and deliver fresh recipes directly to your home, office or one of our many drop-off locations twice a week. Our meals are healthy and freshly prepared. We focus on ingredients that work to reach your health goals, not on fancy meals with extra ingredients that add unnecessary and ineffective nutrients to your food. Our meals are ready to eat and do not require any cooking or preparation. Just heat and eat. We are not a meal kit service.

Prepare better,
Eat Better

Our meals are designed by chefs and nutritionists so that you can enjoy delicious balanced meals every week with high quality, fresh ingredients, locally sourced when possible.

At Foodie Fit we know how hard it is to keep fit and healthy. Meal prep is one of the best ways to ensure you eat right, at the right time but it is hard to dedicate yourself to preparing meals in advance. That’s where Foodie Fit comes in. Select your healthy meals from our menu or build your own. Sign up for our weekly subscription and your meals will arrive fresh every week. Change your meals at any time before the renewal.

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With a subscription you don’t have to worry about getting your meals. Your order will automatically be generated and delivered so you won’t be left without meals. Best of all, it comes with 10% off with no commitments and change your meals any time

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