Rachel Killam is a seasoned Professional Figure Bodybuilder Competitor. She started her competition journey in 2010 and earned her IFBB Pro Status in 2018 at the Vancouver Pro Qualifier. Rachel is also the Sales Manager for top Canadian Sports Supplement brand, Magnum Nutraceuticals. She is extremely passionate in all areas of life and has been featured in numerous magazines and videos. An inspiration for strong women everywhere. Rachel relies heavily on Foodie Fit to help keep her on track with her busy schedule, on and off contest prep. Foodie Fit helps Rachel stay the course and provides regular meals to fuel her everyday as well as highly specialized meals during competitions.

Rachel Killam

IFBB Figure Pro Bodybuilder
Fueled by Foodie Fit

You can follow Rachel on:

Instagram: @rkithinkfit 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rkthinkfitness/
Snapchat: killerkillam


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