Terms of Service

Quality Guarantee:

We stand behind our food and we guarantee that our food is made of the highest quality ingredients and made with care from scratch. If for any reason you feel that our food is not of the standard you expect, please let us know and we will give you a full refund.

8-Day Fresh Guarantee:

With our vacuum sealed packaging, if your meals have been refrigerated, they will still be fresh and ready to eat after 8 days. If the seal is broken or the meals are not fresh on day 8, we will give you your money back for that meal. Please note that if you gave us instructions to leave the meals at your delivery location unattended, we can not honour this guarantee.


Once your purchased items (meals) have been delivered or dropped to a specified Foodie Fit location, the transaction is complete. We advise all of our clients to pick up their meals from the pick up locations on the arranged pick up day. Meals left behind after the assigned pick up day are not the responsibility of Foodie Fit or the pick-up location and the pick-up location may decide to throw the meals out if not picked up the same day. We can not guarantee delivery times. As our orders, customers and routes change on a weekly basis, our delivery times vary from week to week. We will notify you a day prior to delivery via email when to expect your meals. Due to the current state of the internet and email, it is not guaranteed that this email will arrive in your inbox and may not arrive at all or be routed to your spam folder. If you have chosen a home delivery please note the following:
  1. We will attempt to contact you through text message between 15 to 30 minutes prior to delivery to let you know we’re on our way
  2. If you have not given us written instructions on what to do with your meals and you are not home to receive them, we will NOT leave your food at the door. In this case we will drop-off your food at the NEXT drop-off location on our route. This location may NOT be the nearest location to where you live. We will notify you by text message where your meals are.
  3. We will NOT notify you if you have chosen a drop-off location. The email notification the day prior to delivery will let you know when you can pick up your meals. Please refer to our approximate drop-off times on our web site under ‘Deliveries’
Note: If you know you will not be able to be there for delivery, it is advisable to leave a cooler (bag) with some ice and send us instructions to leave it there.


Please ensure that you refrigerate meals with in 1 hour after delivery or after you pick up your meals from a Foodie Fit drop location. Failure to do so may result in food spoilage, or food borne illness. Foodie Fit is not responsible for the food once it has been dropped off and not properly refrigerated.


Our deadlines for ordering OR making changes to subscriptions are based on your renewal date or cut-off times based on your delivery date and location. Because our deadlines are so short, we are not able to change your order nor offer refunds after the deadline has passed as we will likely already be preparing your meals. Changes to subscriptions must be submitted before the renewal date and can be submitted by logging into our website and clicking on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab. The subscription renews on the same day of the week that you placed your original order on.


There are no commitments for subscriptions and you can change your subscription items at any time. Your changes will be processed after the next renewal date for the following delivery.
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