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Lessen Your Daily Stress with a Convenient Meal Plan

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Over a year into the pandemic, and it is no surprise to see that COVID-19 has changed the way that we all live. From meeting with friends and family, to running simple errands and keeping your household together. Almost every part of our lives has been changed.

Getting back into the school year, most families have both a home office and a school classroom under one roof. This creates even more moving parts and responsibilities in the home. Everyone’s home responsibilities and pandemic struggles are different, but most of us are trying to find ways to lighten the load. We are here to help you with that by offering you solutions for meal planning during the week.

Make Planning Your Meals Easy

Take off planning, groceries and trips to the store from your list of things to do. With our meals, you can make all of this much easier by logging on and selecting your meals from our ordering system online and from the convenience of your home. Once we receive your order, our team prepares, packages and ships your meals as fresh as possible, straight to your door.

Skip On The Cooking

Our meals are handmade by a team of culinary chefs. You just need to follow the reheating instructions and enjoy a prepared home cooked meal in only a few minutes.

Convenience Doesn’t Come At The Price Of Flavour

Our meals are made with only the freshest ingredients. This means you can serve healthy, fresh and delicious meals that are packed with nutrients and five-star flavour. Even on your busiest nights, your family can still sit down at the dinner table together to enjoy a delicious meal.

Kid-approved Healthy Meals

Did you know that more than half of families’ eating habits have gone through changes while they have been staying at home? The trends show that more people are choosing to reach for sweets, and have decreased their vegetable, fruit and protein intake. The meals on our menu are designed to keep an emphasis on healthy eating, ingredients and portion control that will make sure that your kids will be getting the nutrition they need to succeed every day.

6 Ways to Make a Balanced Plate

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Your health and diet go hand-in-hand and are closely connected. A poor diet can lead to health issues, whereas a healthy diet will lead to better physical, mental and emotional health. If you’re ready to build a healthy diet, the following tips will help you make a balanced plate:

Eat More Fruits And Vegetables
Adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet will help you create a balanced plate, and you can do this in different forms, including fresh, fried or juiced. A great way to do this is to substitute snacks with an apple, for example, or another piece of delicious fruit, so try doing this going forward.

Eat The Right Proportions
It is very important that you stick to proportions because this will help you build up a healthy plate. It is generally recommended that ½ of your plate be filled with fruit and vegetables while whole grains should occupy ¼ of your plate. ¼ should belong to protein, and you can’t forget about dairy.

Take Control Of The Amount Of Fat You Consume
Some fat should be included in your meals, but you need to understand that there are two kinds of fat; saturated and unsaturated. It’s important that you cut back on saturated fat because this can be dangerous to your health as it increases the level of cholesterol in your blood. Greasy parts of meat, cream, lard and sausages all contain a lot of saturated fat, so try not to eat them and substitute them with healthier unsaturated fats instead. This can include nuts, vegetable oils and avocados.

Cut Back On Sugar
Sugar can lead to cavities and obesity because sweet products are rich in calories and can lead to excessive weight. If you have a sweet tooth, try eating naturally sweet desserts like berries instead or make a parfait with yogurt and fruit to satisfy this craving. These options are a lot healthier and will help you cut down on sugar.

Include Proteins In Your Daily Meals
Lean proteins help our bodies repair themselves, but the quality of protein will have to be considered so that you keep a healthy diet. Lean proteins include seafood, legumes, low-fat dairy and soybeans, so stick to these products because too much meat-based protein can cause obesity.

Stay Away From Salt
Excessive amounts of salt in our bodies can lead to high levels of blood pressure, which can cause heart disease or a stroke. Most products already contain the daily portion of salt, so don’t add more to your dish, as this can have a negative effect on your health.

Foodie Fit can provide you with meals that are both tasty and healthy. If you are looking for meal prep services in the Vancouver area, we can help and are one of the top companies that offer keto meal delivery and ready-made meals. If you’re interested in healthy meal prep, contact us today!

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What A Healthy Heart Diet Looks Like

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Eating heart-healthy can do wonders for the overall quality of your life. It will help keep your cholesterol levels under control, reduce your risk for heart disease, and give you more energy to enjoy your days.

Components Of A Heart-Healthy Diet

  • Plenty of fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables contain a wide variety of nutrients and natural dietary needs. They are a great way to fill you up without including artery-clogging elements.

  • Fibre

Fibre is a great way to maintain gut health and aids with digestion. With proper digestion, the body can successfully absorb the necessary nutrients. Get your fibre from whole grains like oats and brown rice.

  • Fish

Fish contains fatty acids that the heart needs to function at maximum potential.

  • Limit heavy meats and dairy

Consuming meats like steak and lamb every day can contribute to clogged arteries. Instead, try lean meats like chicken breast or meat alternatives like tofu and legumes. The same goes for dairy products, swap out your heavy dairy for alternatives like coconut based yogurt and almond milk.

  • Limit salt

Heart-healthy diets don’t have to be bland, they just shouldn’t taste too salty! Branch out of salt and pepper, try seasoning your dishes with garlic, spice, and even lemon.

  • Understand proper portions

Part of eating heart-healthy is eating proper portion sizes. Half of your plate should consist of fruits and vegetables; the other half a healthy mix of carb, dairy, and protein.

  • Limit processed foods and added sugar

One way to easily limit the amount of trans fat, added sugars, and cholesterol is to eat loads of whole foods. Whole foods are naturally unprocessed and don’t contain refined sugars.

How To Eat Heart-Healthy

Start with small changes, if you drink three glasses of wine every night and eat takeout once a day, try drinking one or two and limit takeout to once a week. Honour your cravings, but look for healthy solutions. For example, if you’re craving chocolate, try dark chocolate as opposed to a heaping slice of chocolate cake. Finally, commit to it. Understand that this is a lifestyle and seeing changes will take time and patience to develop.

It can be hard to plan a heart-healthy diet each day, thankfully there are options like Foodie Fit who offer specialized and pre-cooked meals for customers looking to cut down on their prep time while staying on track. Contact us today to learn how we can help you stay heart-healthy!

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The Key To Eating For An Active Lifestyle

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Eating a diet fit for a healthy lifestyle is a lot different than eating for weight loss or other meal plans. One thing to keep in mind is that active people need more energy in their diet, which means they can usually eat more calories than someone who is not active. But they must also ensure that the extra calories they are eating are actually being used as fuel when their bodies need it. Here are some important healthy, active lifestyle tips to get you started on the right track.

Use Healthy Grains to Add Energy

Everyone thinks carbs are bad for you, but they are actually the fuel your body needs to make energy. However, there is a difference between the processed carbs you find in many pre-packaged foods and carbs in freshly prepared meals that use whole ingredients. Overly processed foods turn into sugar, and then fat, faster and will leave you without energy faster. Whole ingredients will leave you fuller longer and will leave you with the energy your body needs during your activity.

Drink Plenty of Water

Being properly hydrated is one of the most important things when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Water helps your body process food effectively and helps it make the best use of the nutrients you are eating. Most nutrients are water-soluble and can only be absorbed when you are hydrated.

Eat Plant Proteins

Making the switch to lean proteins is always great for your health, but plant proteins can be even more effective. Other than protein, plants can provide you with micronutrients that you can’t get anywhere else. Examples of great sources of plant protein are beans, soy foods and leafy greens.

Make Sure to Eat the Rainbow

Adding in fruits and veggies that are different colours can help provide you with a wider range of nutrients compared to eating the same foods all the time. Be sure to include foods that are purple, yellow and orange.

If you’re interested in ready-made meals, Foodie Fit can help! We are one of the top meal prep companies in the Vancouver area and provide meal delivery service and healthy meal prep options. Whether you are looking for keto meals or want the best food prep services, we can help, so give us a call today!

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How To Balance Macros And Lose Weight

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More and more people are realizing that fad diets are just that – fads. But, there are some really great, tried and true ways that you can lose weight and keep it off. One of these techniques is called macro balancing. This is a more scientific way to make sure you keep a balanced diet. A lot of people find success with macro balancing because you don’t have to deny yourself your favourite foods or restrict calories. It’s about making sure your body gets the nutrients it needs in the right proportions. And yes, that includes sugars.

Balancing macros means you can eat almost anything, as long as it fits into your macros. Your macros will depend on your goals. There are three main categories of macronutrients, they are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Our bodies use these three to carry out functions properly, which is why cutting carbs can only work for so long, and taking fat out of your diet often leaves people feeling empty. The healthier approach is eating all three in balance according to what suits your own body’s needs.

Your macronutrient ratios fluctuate with your goals and can be easily adapted. A good starting point is 45% proteins, 35% carbohydrates and 20% fats, or another balanced ratio would be 40-40-20. Foodie Fit can help you modify and adjust your macronutrient ratios in order to optimize your health and fitness goals.

Your diet should be unique to your lifestyle, activity level and metabolism. Everyone has a different body type, nutritional needs and goals, so nutrition should be individualized just like you.

There are many foods and ways you can get your macros in, but what’s important is choosing the right foods. Just because you need carbs doesn’t mean you should go out and eat a pizza every day. You should try and pick whole grains lean meats to keep you from going over your fat ratios and lots of veggies.

If you need more information on what a balanced diet can look like for you, contact Foodie Fit today!

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3 Tips On How To Stay Consistent With Diet And Exercise

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Staying consistent with diet and exercise is fundamental to seeing results. But it can be challenging to stay on track daily, and let’s face it, no one’s perfect. If you have an off day, don’t sweat it! But when you hit a plateau, just think of the way you will feel when all your hard work pays off! These are some tips that will make maintaining consistency a lot easier.

Meal prep

Seeing results show on your body starts with what you put in your body. With such busy days, it’s tempting to pick up some takeout on your way home for dinner or stop off for lunch. While takeout options are quick and easy, they are often unhealthy and set you and your wallet back. Instead, one of the best, easiest, and tastiest ways to enjoy your meals is with meal prep! A couple of hours a week can save you countless more in the long run. If cooking isn’t for you, don’t panic. Meal prep and ready meal delivery companies like Foodie Fit offer weekly nutritious, not to mention delicious menu options ready for pickup or delivered to your doorstep.

Exercise Plans

After working all day, that run you thought about going on might soon be the last thing on your mind. With a weekly exercise plan, fitting in your daily exercise won’t even have to be a thought. When planning your workouts, don’t be overly ambitious. Start small to make consistency less of a chore and more of a personal reward. Having a set plan also gives you a calendar date and time to set aside for yourself!

Keep Everything Fun

Staying consistent is hard enough as it is, don’t make it worse for yourself by scrutinizing every error you make along the way. Remember, we are all human, and some days will be more successful than others. Just don’t give up! You will be way happier and healthier if you incorporate some fun into your body journey and understand your own mistakes. Don’t sweat that slice of cake you had at a working birthday or the workout you missed because traffic was heavy getting home; your goals are long term and one day won’t change the final outcome.

Let Foodie Fit help keep you on track with meal delivery, and nutrition advice. We service the Greater Vancouver area and can’t wait to join your personal journey! Contact us with any further questions you have about food and meal plans! We’re more than happy to answer.

4 Reasons To Try Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door

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Eating healthy is not always easy. Mostly because the healthiest meal options involve cooking. Cooking takes time and energy, and after a long day at work, that might be the last thing on your mind. But instead of stopping through that drive-thru after work, why not try healthy meal delivery?

You know what’s going into your food

When you get takeout from a restaurant, finding the nutritional information can really be a tall task. Not to mention what is going into the food. Meal delivery companies like Foodie Fit offer this information because they know that is a big factor when it comes to eating healthy. Meal delivery services are also great for anyone with dietary restrictions who doesn’t really feel like cooking. Foodie Fit is a Vancouver-based meal delivery company that prepares all of your meals in a large central kitchen. The meals are made to be customized and fit anyone’s dietary needs. Whether you’re keto, gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan, there is a meal delivery option available.


Weekly meal delivery is a wise choice for your diet and your wallet! Meal delivery services are at, or below the cost of takeout meals, but what’s great about them is that you can plan your spending in advance. That means meal delivery is perfect for anyone who is conscious of budgets. With companies like Foodie Fit, you can choose between once, or twice weekly meal delivery options, and right there your lunches and/or dinners are taken care of all at once.

Easier than takeout

Easier than ordering takeout is opening your fridge to a freshly prepared meal. Just toss your ready meal into the oven or microwave and you have a meal ready to eat in just around two minutes. That’s faster than most drive-throughs and certainly beats restaurant prep times or cooking yourself!

Wide variety

All of your options at one location. Meal delivery services pride themselves on offering a variety of different cuisines all on one website. No more going around Vancouver looking for Italian one day, a salad the next, and Indian food on Friday, when you can have all of them at your fingertips with weekly meal delivery. Make your selections at the beginning of the week and enjoy variety each day. Try the Thai chicken bowl on Monday, the roasted tilapia Wednesday, and the Honey Garlic Steak Bites on Friday!

For more information on the healthy meal deliveries, we offer to Vancouver, check out our delivery page for more meal options that suit your taste, diet, and lifestyle.

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Why Keto Meal Prep Delivery Is Ideal For Beginners

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The ketogenic diet, or keto diet for short, is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has been making headlines since 2018. It centres around replacing most of your daily carbohydrate intake with fat to put your body into ketosis. In this metabolic state, your body burns fat instead of carbs for energy. Research has shown that a keto diet is effective for weight loss and rebalancing blood pressure and insulin levels.

Are you thinking about trying out keto for yourself? Knowing what fits within the keto eating style can be a steep learning curve. That is why keto meal prep delivery is ideal for beginners. Here are some ways a meal prep delivery service can help your keto journey.

You Will Enter Ketosis Easier

It’s no secret that getting your body into the state of ketosis can take some work. The keto diet will be unlike any other diets you’ve tried before, and most people don’t have the first clue about this new lifestyle. So, instead of Googling “Is

keto?” every time you go grocery shopping, you can have perfectly curated keto meals delivered to your door with a meal prep delivery service. You will get your body into ketosis faster than you would if you were doing this via trial and error.

You, Will, Find New Recipes

The thought of cutting out carbs can be daunting when you first dive into keto. After all, what are you supposed to eat when you’ve lived off a “pasta diet” your whole life? Keto meal prep delivery makes adjusting to your new way of eating more comfortable. You’ll even discover new delicious recipes that you can try at home and share with your friends!

You Will See Results

Like most weight loss methods, you won’t see results from keto if you lack consistency. With keto meal prep delivery, you’re removing the guesswork out of eating low-carb. It will help you stay on track and see the results you want quicker, which will encourage you to keep going!

You Won’t Be Tempted

Keto meal prep delivery helps remove non-keto-friendly temptations. You’ll have no problem staying in ketosis even when you are too tired to cook or don’t have the time to go grocery shopping.

You Won’t, Miss, Take Out

The best part of having your keto meals delivered to you? You won’t miss takeout or dining out. Navigating restaurant menus can be challenging when you’re on a restrictive diet like keto. With keto meal prep delivery, you get restaurant-quality meals without worrying about kicking yourself out of ketosis.

Foodie Fit is your healthy meal prep service of choice in Vancouver. We have a comprehensive menu to suit your specific nutritional needs and lifestyle goals from keto to gluten-free. Try our meal prep delivery service today!

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6 Tips For Staying Healthy For Busy People

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When juggling the demands of a busy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy way of living can often fall by the wayside. Commitments like work, school, and hobbies start piling up, and before you know it, you’re back to your old, unhealthy ways. However, healthy living practices are essential if you want to feel energized and function at your best, even during your busiest days. So for all our busy bees out there, here are the top six tips to staying healthy on a full schedule.

Replace Unhealthy Snacks

Do you need an energy boost throughout the day? A good trick is to replace your go-to chips or chocolate bar with a healthy alternative that you also love. For example, nuts or plain air-popped popcorn are great crunchy snack replacements. Looking for something sweet? Try dark chocolate, a protein bar or even fruits!

Take A Walk

Walking is perhaps the most underrated form of exercise. It can improve your fitness, cardiac health and even prevent weight gain. Research has also shown that walking is an instant mood booster and can increase creativity and focus. So, park a little further or get off at an earlier bus stop and get those steps in. If you need a quicker way to get to work, you can also try biking to work!

Block Time For Exercise

If you want to incorporate more physical activity into your day, then it’s time to create an exercise routine. Simply pick a time slot and block it off for exercise. Whether it’s getting up a little earlier for an exercise class or sacrificing TV time for a quick gym session, prioritize an hour or so each day to focus on your physical health.

Drink More Water

You may be surprised by how merely staying hydrated can make a difference. Most of us are more dehydrated than we think. And no, coffee does not count as hydration! If you often forget to drink water, set a refillable water bottle next to your desk so that it’s accessible. You can even set reminders on your phone to remind yourself to drink water.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Whether it’s a personal trainer or a workout buddy, keeping yourself accountable is a great way to stop yourself from skipping the gym because “something came up”. You can also join a local sports league to stay accountable. You’re more likely to show up when there’s a team of people depending on you!

Commit To Meal Prepping

Meal prepping not only saves you time during the week but also removes the temptation of fast foods and takeout when you’re too tired to cook after work. Try planning out your meals on the weekends and prepare them in advance. That way, you can grab and go in the morning!

Are you not a fan of cooking? Or maybe you’d rather spend your weekends with your friends or at the gym rather than in the kitchen? Foodie Fit has you covered. Enjoy the pros of meal prepping with Foodie Fit’s healthy meal delivery service! We deliver freshly prepared meals straight to your home or office in the Greater Vancouver Area. Make healthy eating easy with Foodie Fit today!

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GET READY FOR SUMMER – and get some free meals

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Get Ready for Summer and we’ll throw in some free meals.

Commit to 9 weeks of meal-prep delivery from Foodie Fit and the 10th week is on us!

That’s right, your tenth week of meals is completely free.

Nothing like free healthy ready-to-eat food to keep you on the right track!.

There’s nothing extra you have to do, just place your first order for delivery between March 7 and March 17 and your orders will count towards the 10th week.

Terms and conditions:

  • The plan must be completed in consecutive order, no weeks can be skipped.
  • The 10th week of free meals will be in the form of a credit to your account for the amount equal to the lowest order amount of the previous 9 weeks.
  • Split deliveries count as one week’s order
  • Separate orders for each delivery day count as one week’s order

Let’s get ready for Summer now!