Meet Our Athletes

Rachel Killam
Rachel Killam

IFBB Figure Pro Bodybuilder

Gold-medal winner
Sumeet Sharma

Team Canada Powerlifter

Heidi Cannon
Heidi Cannon

World Bikini Champion

Kassandra Gillis
Kassandra Gillis

         2023 Arnold Classic Wellness                          International Champion

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Sponsored Athletes Fueled by Foodie Fit.


We sponsor these featured athletes in various ways, but all of them are fed by us! This provides them with huge time-savings and convenience so they can focus on their pursuits with the right fuel!


Most people know that diet is one of the, if not the, most important ingredient in the pursuit of athletic goals. The diet is what is also the hardest to control and plan for. To become the best in any field, it takes hard work and lots and lots of time. Often you forget your diet and grab the first thing you can find when you get hungry.


Preparing properly is key. Some prepare all their meals for the week in advance. This alone can take an enormous amount of time and planning. Go to the store, buy the ‘right’ ingredients, cook them properly and prepare the food in easy to handle portions that correspond with your dietary requirements.


Foodie Fit does all this for you and a very reasonable cost per meal. Just pick the items you want from our menu or create your unique meals from our build your own options. We deliver the food to your home, office or one of our many drop-off locations and you never have to worry about being caught hungry without (healthy) food.


Foodie Fit’s menu consists of freshly prepared foods made in house without added sugars or preservatives. All meals last for four days in the fridge and most take well to freezing. You can select two deliveries per week for optimum freshness.


If you have any questions, have a look at our FAQs or contact us through email, phone or DM. If you are ready to explore our menu and see what we can mean for your athletic goals, go ahead, order, there are no commitments!

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