Kassandra Gillis


2023 Arnold Classic Wellness International Champion

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                            Kassandra Gillis

The IFBB Pro League Wellness division has fast become of the most popular divisions in the federation. The Wellness International division debuted at the 2022 Arnold Classic and received a warm welcome. Gillis showed up with an impeccable figure to win her maiden Arnold Classic Wellness International title. She becomes the second woman to hoist the AC Wellness International trophy.

The 2022 Arnold Classic Wellness International champ Isabelle Nunes withdrew from the 2023 AC a few weeks before stepping on the stage in Columbus, OH, due to health reasons, leaving the Wellness International throne vacant. Nunes was the favorite to win the 2023 AC and retain her title as she had placed runner-up behind two-time Wellness Olympia champ Francielle Mattos.

Nunes’s absence made Angela Borges, Kassandra Gillis, and Rayane Fogal the frontrunners for winning the 2023 Arnold Classic title. The three athletes finished third, fourth, and fifth at the 2022 Olympia.

The Wellness division was one of the most closely contested battles at the Arnold Classic. It was Gillis, however, who hoisted the AC Wellness International trophy once everything was said and done. 

The Wellness division is the newest addition to the IFBB Pro League roster. The judges primarily look for body mass in the hips, glutes, and thigh areas in athletes in the Wellness division. Plus, they should hold the same muscle mass, definition, and separation in their upper bodies as the Bikini division girls.

Gillis’s win at the 2023 Arnold Classic earns her direct qualification for the 2023 Olympia.

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