Delivery options

Delivery 2 days a week
Delivery 2 days a week

We deliver Sunday and Wednesday for your convenience! After you have decided on what food you'd like, you will be presented with the available delivery dates for your delivery address or chosen pick up location. See below for more details

Pick-up or delivery
Pick-up or delivery

You can select either a pick-up location (see options on the map below) or a home delivery. Deliveries to Abbotsford are to FUEL Supplements only, no home deliveries.

Delivery timing
Delivery timing

Please see below for approximate delivery times for your area and days of the week. You will receive an email at least a day prior to delivery with an approximate delivery time window


We have invested in proper routing software. Because we often have hundreds of deliveries, it is becoming increasingly difficult to route our drivers optimally. This means that our delivery times for your area may change (probably not by much, please see below) as we are basing our routes on the most optimal route. Because our customers and orders change from day to day, we can not guarantee a delivery time during the ordering process.

You will STILL receive notifications at least a day prior to delivery with a more accurate delivery time-window.

This software scheduled our routes in the most efficient ways possible. For that reason, we can not guarantee delivery times or accommodate special delivery times as this will greatly impact our ability to service all our customers.


Although we will always do our best to accommodate our customers, it is extremely difficult when we are not able to deliver your meals (for whatever reason). Because our routes are so full, we will not be able to wait more than the allotted time for a drop off. If for some reason we are not able to deliver your meals, we will now, by default, take the meals back to our kitchen. You will have two options in this case:

    • Schedule another delivery for the next available delivery day for your area, there will be a $10 re-delivery charge
    • Pick up your meals at our North Shore pick-up location (Genesis Athletic Club, North Vancouver).

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer home delivery in Abbotsford. We drop all meals off at FUEL Supplements in Abbotsford and only on Sundays.

Our delivery hours are as follows:

  • All areas except Abbotsford: Sunday and Wednesday between 8 AM and 6PM
  • Vancouver, North Shore and Burnaby: Tuesday and Thursday between 4AM and 9PM

If you are not able to be home to receive your meals during these times, there is (almost) always a drop-off location near your home. Please mouse over the locations on the map below to see address and pick-up time information. Please note pick-up times are approximate. It is always best to call ahead to make sure the delivery has been made.

If nothing else, you can always leave a cooler out for us to put the food into.

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