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Gold-medal winner

Sumeet Sharma

Sumeet is an elite strength athlete who has been competing in powerlifting since 2016. His long list of accomplishments include finishing first in Provincials in Bench Press in 2016 where he won gold at the Western Powerlifting Championship in Edmonton. He also finished 4th in powerlifting in Canada in 2018 for the 93kg weight class.

Sumeet was selected to represent Canada at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship in Newfoundland in September 2019 and won silver for team Canada at that event. Sumeet also won gold for Team Canada in Panama at the North American Powerlifting Championship in October 2019.

He will be  competing this March 2020 in Winnipeg at Nationals, the biggest powerlifting event in Canada.

Sumeet has been using Foodie Fit to help him fuel for his competitions. He appreciates the ease, convenience and variety that Foodie Fit offers.

Follow Sumeet:

  • Instagram: @sumeetsharmabenchpress
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