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What if we told you that you could eat healthy and delicious meals every day of the week without even stepping into the kitchen? And if you order from Foodie Fit today, you get all of this and more at the most affordable rates in all of Langley. Indeed, each meal at Foodie Fit is prepared from the choicest ingredients in our 3000-square-foot kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure quality and safety. And the best part? Every meal on our menu is designed to help you with your fitness goals.

So, no more calorie counting, portion control, or looking for recipes on the internet — we’ve prepared your meal plan and your meals, and we can’t wait to serve you.

Why Order From Foodie Fit?

We, at Foodie Fit, take your health very seriously. And so, from the moment we source our ingredients up until we deliver your food, we ensure the highest quality every step of the way.

But what makes us truly unique is our commitment to sustainability, affordability, and creativity. On that note, here’s what you can expect from us:


1. Fresh, Exciting, And Delicious

Foodie Fit prepares all meals from scratch, using farm-fresh and healthy ingredients that contain zero preservatives, no added sugar, and minimal salt. Moreover, we offer only grass-fed, free-range, and certified fish, meat, and poultry. 

So, no need to step into the kitchen anymore — simply heat your ready-to-eat meal and enjoy it instantly. 

2. Build-Your-Own Meal Plans 

Our meals are planned by experts to cater to all kinds of foodies with various fitness goals. These include:

  • Muscle-building
  • Weight loss
  • Endurance training
  • Restrictive dieting

And whether you are going on a gluten-free, carb-free, vegetarian, vegan, or keto diet, our diverse menu is loaded with healthy deliciousness that everyone can enjoy. So, say goodbye to settling for boring salads day-in and day-out, and start picking your favourites for every day of the week. Rest assured, you will find plenty of meals to suit your dietary needs and taste. 

3. Meals That Stay Fresh For Eight Days

Most meal-prep delivery companies promise to deliver food that stays fresh for a maximum of five days, with most of them recommending that the meals be eaten in three. So, you may have to accept two deliveries in a week and pay two separate delivery charges. 

On the other hand, Foodie Fit offers vacuum-sealed meals to ensure freshness for — not three, not five — but eight whole days guaranteed! Indeed, you no longer need to freeze your meals and compromise on that garden-fresh and pure deliciousness of freshly-prepped food straight out of the kitchen. 

4. Affordable And Sustainable

Foodie Fit is all set to contribute to a healthier and greener future. Ever since our company was founded, we have been committed to using more sustainable protein and continually adding plant-based options to our menu. 

More recently, we are all geared up to become the only meal-prep company that uses compostable fibre trays. What’s more, the thin plastic lining and “lidding” film, which allows us to vacuum-seal our meals, can be separated and recycled, thus reducing single-use plastic waste by over 90%.

And, did you know we are the only meal-prep company that delivers their meals in 100% all-electric vehicles? 

Need more reason to order from Foodie Fit? We have no delivery fees and one of Langley’s lowest minimum order sizes. So, join us to save money and the environment — one meal at a time!

Order Now!

Head to the official Foodie Fit website today and order now with just three simple steps. All you have to do is pick from our selection of the choicest, healthiest meals and place your order. We carry out deliveries on Sunday and Wednesday, Wednesdays, or Sundays to your doorstep or a drop-off location.

And that’s it. Simply reheat the food and enjoy sustainable meals fit for any healthy lifestyle all days of the week.

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