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If healthy eating is your New Year’s resolution, you’re at the right place!

Foodie Fit will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with fresh and delicious meals customized according to your health goals. Our chefs use local, high-quality ingredients to ensure you enjoy nutritious yet delicious food. After all, healthy food is so much more than just green, leafy vegetables!

So, forget about the hassle of checking the ingredients of each product or cooking new recipes the night before. Get your breakfast, lunch, and dinner fixed with Foodie Fit…

Why Order From Foodie Fit?

With an abundance of meal plans and food delivery services in North Vancouver, you must be wondering what makes us any different.

Hear us out!

1. Fresh And Quality Ingredients

For starters, our meals are cooked by a team of skilled and experienced chefs who bring the best of health, taste, and quality on a single plate.

We use fresh, high-quality ingredients, including grass-fed protein, to ensure nutritious meals with zero preservatives. Also, most of our meals are gluten-free, so when you choose Foodie Fit, you can enjoy fresh, tasty, and healthy meals effortlessly, and most importantly, guilt-free!

2. Cold Meals With Longer Shelf Life

To ensure longer shelf life, our fresh prep meals are cooked but delivered cold in refrigerated vans.

Additionally, the meals are delivered in compostable vacuum-sealed packaging, allowing the food to stay fresh in the fridge for 48 hours guaranteed*. If not, we’ll refund your money right away!

Further, if properly and continuously frozen, the meals will remain edible for three months. However, we recommend consuming the meals within a week to enjoy the goodness of farm-fresh ingredients.

3. “Build-Your-Own” Menu

Our menu caters to the varied diets of our customers. So, if you are following a Keto diet and require exact portions of certain nutrients, we can prepare a meal plan according to your diet constraints. Similarly, if you want a low-carb or gluten-free meal plan, we’ve got those, too.

While buying from our easy meals service, you can filter the menu according to tags like weight-loss, keto-friendly, etc. You can even check out more options and customize a meal by adding your choice of protein, carbs, veggies and adjusting the serving size accordingly.

Note that our fresh prep meals contain minimum salt, spices, and no added sugar. So, if you want something more flavourful, just let us know, and we’ll add one of our made-in-house sauces to tingle your tastebuds while keeping calories in check.

4. Eco-friendly And Ethical

Since the inception of Foodie Fit, we have been committed to sustainable practices and encourage others to do the same.

From humanely-raised proteins to focusing on a more plant-based menu- we leave no stone unturned to ensure a greener and cleaner environment.

Moreover, we deliver fresh prep meals in all-electric vehicles to reduce our carbon footprint without compromising on our fast delivery service.

So, by ordering from us, you will be maintaining your health while safeguarding the Earth.

5. Informative Blog

If you are just starting on your fitness journey, we know all the calorie counting and portion controlling can get overwhelming.

That’s when you can check out our informative blog to know more about effective meal plans, following an active lifestyle, and so on. Alternatively, you can sign up for our newsletter and take advantage of the amazing 20% off on your first order.

* Terms and Conditions Apply

Order Now!

Our team can deliver fresh prep meals right at your door or to any of our drop-off locations if that’s convenient for you. Additionally, you can sign up for the subscription for a 10% discount with no strings attached!

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now to enjoy fresh prep meals delivered at your convenience, and kickstart your fitness journey with Foodie Fit!

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