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It seems most people have given up on cooking healthy meals at home due to their busy schedules.  Ordering in from your favourite restaurant may seem like a good idea, but the food does take a toll on your body over time. And when you decide that it’s time for changes, it may be too late to nurture the habit of cooking every day.  An alternative is to prepare meals for the whole week on the weekend. This involves cooking and setting up food for the upcoming week, which you can take out of the fridge, heat and eat on the specified days.  But, as you may have guessed, not everyone wants to spend their weekends preparing that much food. And, let’s face it — there’s nothing like hot and fresh meals straight out of the kitchen.  Fortunately, we at Foodie Fit can help you out with our menu of delicious and fresh meals delivered right to your doorstep.

Why Order From Foodie Fit Meal Delivery Service

As a food delivery service, we often get asked —- what makes us different from any other meal prep delivery service? Here’s why Foodie Fit could be the right choice for ordering your everyday meals.

1. Quality Ingredients And Meals 

From the very start, we were keen on using fresh and quality ingredients from reliable sources. That said, we only use grass-fed protein to ensure that you are getting the most nutritious meals; the information about the growers is available on our website.  Moreover, every meal is curated and cooked by a team of skilled chefs who know how to retain the pure taste and goodness of the fresh ingredients. Similar to home-cooked food, we are committed to preparing healthy food items with a homely touch.  At the same time, our diverse menu won’t leave you bored with the various breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. We have also included some delectable and convenient snacks, including savoury delights and something for your sweet tooth.  At Foodie Fit, we also value every individual’s dietary needs and hence offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan recipes. We make sure to list the ingredients used in each recipe so that you can enjoy each healthy and tasty meal without any guilt. 

2. Diverse Menu Items

We have designed a diverse menu with tasty recipes that will appeal to most people. Rest assured, you won’t be stuck eating boring salads throughout the week.  Along with ensuring taste, we always look at creating a healthier version of a dish you may like,  to keep each meal nutritious. In fact, our menu contains plenty of options for health enthusiasts, including quinoa salad, greek salad, and zoodles.  However, we also cater to those who would like to enjoy the occasional brisket, shepherd’s pie, and delicious curry. Either way, we provide relevant information about the macros and ensure that every meal is packed in recommended portions. 

3. “Build Your Own” Menu 

We understand that there can be instances where you may be searching for menu items that are slightly different. Our “Build Your Own” has been designed to let you choose the exact portion sizes with any additional tweaks. Although primarily based on protein options, we have started including more vegan and vegetarian options for an increasingly convenient menu.  Other than that, you can filter our core menu by personal goals and preferences, such as weight-loss, keto, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free. We also let you change the portion size for many items based on your needs.  Note that we use almost no salt, only healthy oils and fats and natural spices. We don’t add refined sugar in the recipes to keep our meals healthy. To add a bit more zing to your meals, we recommend getting a portion of our in-house sauces available with the “Build Your Own” menu items. 

4. Freshly Packed Meals 

We would like you to know that our meals come with a freshness guarantee. Soon after the meals are prepared, we pack them in our special vacuum-sealed containers to retain their nutrition and quality.  When properly refrigerated, the meals remain fresh for up to eight days, guaranteed! If, for some reason, you find a seal to be broken or the meal has gone bad before the 8 days, let us know, and we will issue a refund promptly.  Our quality meals come fully prepared, so there’s no additional cooking needed. All you need to do is reheat before consumption.  Apart from that, our meals can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. Just remember to thaw the frozen meals before heating them. Cooking instructions can be found here 

5. Eco-friendly And Ethical Practices 

As a meal prep and delivery service company, we know that sustainability can be a big issue, especially when it comes to packaging. To keep waste at a minimum, your meals are delivered in compostable packaging. The plastic lining is easily separated and the container itself is then fully compostable. This reduces the plastic used by 95%.  We are committed to help build a sustainable future. This includes using pasture-raised protein which mitigates some of the carbon footprint associated with climate change.  We also make sure to use only fresh seafood that has been certified by sustainable organizations.  Alternatively, we provide vegan and vegetarian protein-rich options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to those looking to minimize their meat consumption. With great care, we are working on making 40-50% of our menu plant-based.  Another step we took is to deliver your meals using 100% electric vehicles, limiting carbon emissions. We even focus on buying the ingredients in bulk and cooking at a large scale to make the initiative more sustainable.

How To Order Your Meals 

To make quality food easily available to you, we have kept the ordering process as simple as possible.  You can click on “Order now” and go through our menu items to pick the required number of meals. We encourage you to pick a delivery for the whole week to keep your family nourished and select meals worth $69, the minimum value for accessing the delivery services.  If you want to steer clear of the need to pick and choose meals every time, there’s also an option to subscribe for weekly deliveries. It even fetches you an additional discount of 10%, and the items for delivery can be changed anytime at your convenience.  And don’t worry —- you have the option to cancel anytime if the meal delivery service isn’t required anymore.  Foodie Fit believes in customer satisfaction, and you can reach us by phone, chat, email and DM. Do remember that you have to place a food order before the deadlines..  On that note, deliveries are made on, Wednesdays, and Sundays, as our customers find it convenient. We currently provide meal prep services in select areas across British Columbia, Canada, including Port Moody, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows.  You will receive your delivery notification one day prior to delivery with an estimated time of arrival and you will receive another notification by text and email 30 minutes prior to arrival. You can even track our drivers to see when your food will arrive.   So, wait no more — place your first order and get started on your healthy and delicious meal prep food journey.

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So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to preparing and cooking three square meals for you and your family, and live healthier and smarter with Foodie Fit! With amazing baked goods, salads, and desserts, you are in for a treat every day at the comfort of your home, without the hassle of meal planning and cooking. What’s more, you can take advantage of a 20% discount on your first order by signing up for our newsletter. So, visit our website today and click your way to healthy, affordable and accessible meals!
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