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5 Sustainable Food Choices that Contribute to a Better Tomorrow (and a Better You!)

What makes a food dish desirable? Taste, convenience, cost, and nutritional benefits will likely factor into your decision. Nowadays, people also want sustainable food options that reflect their values.

Today’s consumers demand products that are environmentally sound, ethical to animals, and supportive of good business practices. And Foodie Fit feels the same way!

Foodie Fit provides a satisfying meal selection that ticks all the boxes. Everything from our compostable packaging to our electric delivery vehicles helps reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Here are some of the sustainable ingredients we use in our meals:

Beans are categorized as legumes, flowering plants with more than 18,000 varieties, including peas, peanuts, and lentils. Nutrient-rich and full of vitamins, beans are high in protein, fibre, and folate to provide the energy you need to get through the day.

Beans are a hearty crop that can withstand droughts and severe weather. They also have the unique ability to take in nitrogen from the air and deposit it back into the soil for other plants. This natural process reduces farmers’ need for petrochemical fertilizers.

Generally speaking, beans are easy to grow and require less water than other foods, making them a deliciously sustainable food choice.

Foodie Fit Menu Item to Try:
Breakfast Burrito – https://www.foodiefit.ca/product/breakfast-burrito/

Eggs are one of the most nutritious protein sources available and make for an appetizing and filling meal any time of day. All of the chickens we use are BC pasture-raised and are free of added hormones or antibiotics.

You’ll notice the yolk in our eggs appear a deeper yellow (almost orange). This colour is the result of our chickens’ varied diet as they are free to roam on farms with healthy, natural forage. Eggs from pasture-raised chickens are higher in vitamin E, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids than factory-supplied grain-fed hens.

Foodie Fit Menu Item to Try:
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Ethically Sourced Beef
Most people think “sustainable food” means “vegan options.” However, there is still room for red meat in a humane and eco-friendly world. After all, beef does contain nutrients the body depends on that you won’t find in plant-based diets. If eating beef is a regular part of your routine, just remember that moderation is the key for both your health and the health of the planet.

Foodie Fit works with a local supplier that supports BC farmers who mindfully tend to their livestock and the preservation of the land. The beef we use comes from small herds that are grass-fed and grain finished.

Our beef does not contain any steroids or hormones. Open pasture grazing is good for animals and has the added benefit of maintaining the topsoil and keeping the surrounding ecosystems in check.

Foodie Fit Menu Item to Try:
Honey Garlic Steak Bites – https://www.foodiefit.ca/product/new-honey-garlic-steak-bites/

Local Fruits and Vegetables

Foodie Fit has many plant-based options and we are committed to grow that part of our menu.. Whenever possible, we rely on local producers for their organic goods. Foodie Fit has the good fortune of being located in beautiful British Columbia, where we have access to locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables.

As a sustainability-minded company, we do everything we can to cut down on long-distance shipping by supporting local farmers.

Foodie Fit Menu Item to Try:
Vegetarian Lasagna – https://www.foodiefit.ca/product/new-vegetarian-lasagna/

It should come as no surprise that oats are good for you. Oats are filling and gluten-free and provide the body with all sorts of nutrients, including vitamins (B1, B5), minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc), and carbs for re-fueling the body.

Oats also contain beta-glucan fibre, which helps in reducing cholesterol, managing weight loss, boosting immunity, and maintaining proper blood sugar levels.

Sustainability-wise, oats serve as a “cover crop.” This means they help replenish the soil following the harvest of other foods. Their rapid growth prevents harmful erosion and weeds.

Foodie Fit Menu Item to Try:
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At Foodie Fit, sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it’s a mindset. Visit our sustainable future page to learn more about our philosophy and the actions we take.

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