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5 Sustainable Food Choices that Contribute to a Better Tomorrow (and a Better You!)

5 Sustainable Food Choices that Contribute to a Better Tomorrow (and a Better You!) What makes a food dish desirable? Taste, convenience, cost, and nutritional benefits will likely factor into your decision. Nowadays, people also want sustainable food options that reflect their values. Today’s consumers demand products that are environmentally sound, ethical to animals, and […]
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Intuitive Eating Explained

Intuitive Eating Explained [It’s about balance] Written by: Kiki Athanas, our In-House Wellness Consultant. Do you struggle to find true “balance” with your eating & food choices? Some days everything just flows…you eat the chia pudding for breakfast, choose the fresh chicken salad at lunch, and say no to dessert at dinner. You feel accomplished […]
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What A Healthy Heart Diet Looks Like – 7 Tips to Follow

Eating heart-healthy can do wonders for the overall quality of your life. It will help keep your cholesterol levels under control, reduce your risk for heart disease, and give you more energy to enjoy your days. Components Of A Heart-Healthy Diet Plenty of fruits and veggies Fruits and vegetables contain a wide variety of nutrients […]
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Plastic is a dirty word, but…

One of the main complaints we get from (potential) customers is that we use plastic containers for our food. We agree that plastic isn’t an ideal material generally speaking. The world can certainly do with less plastic. It is, unfortunately, the best choice right now… here’s why: The Greater Vancouver Area has one of the […]
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KICK BUTT IN 2021 – And Get Some Free Meals!

When YOU are 83 you still want to be able to do this too, right!? So set your sights on a new and BETTER year and start it off right with our New Year KICK BUTT plan! Commit to 6 weeks of meal-prep delivery from Foodie Fit and the 6th week is on us! That’s […]
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Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Getting Fit means Eating Fit! Getting fit means eating fit. We all have different goals in life but my guess is that all of us want the best life possible. Our best life is led when our bodies can perform the tasks we ask of it without pain. There are many ways of achieving this […]
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Fit Rewards – Our Rewards and Referral Program.

Introducing Fit Rewards – Our Rewards and Referral program. Now you earn points for every purchase you make as well as when you refer someone to us! Read on to learn how it works. From now on, for every purchase you make you will receive points that automatically accumulate in your account that can be […]
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