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4 Reasons To Try Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Door

Eating healthy is not always easy. Mostly because the healthiest meal options involve cooking. Cooking takes time and energy, and after a long day at work, that might be the last thing on your mind. But instead of stopping through that drive-thru after work, why not try healthy meal delivery? You know what’s going into […]
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GET READY FOR SUMMER – and get some free meals

Get Ready for Summer and we’ll throw in some free meals. Commit to 9 weeks of meal-prep delivery from Foodie Fit and the 10th week is on us! That’s right, your tenth week of meals is completely free. Nothing like free healthy ready-to-eat food to keep you on the right track!. There’s nothing extra you […]
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Vancouver Muscle Meals is now Foodie Fit

Dear Vancouver Muscle Meals Customers, Vancouver Muscle Meals is now We recognized the limitations of the name as well as the food we offered and decided to be a more inclusive fresh meal delivery service. We now offer meals for any healthy lifestyle or goal, including Muscle gain, Weight Loss, Endurance sports, and people with […]
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